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 frequently asked questions

What is Strategic Marketing? Strategic Marketing is a process that can allow an organization to concentrate its limited resources on the greatest opportunities to attract and engage constituents and prospects. Strategic marketing is centered around the notion that customer satisfaction is the main goal and key to developing and retaining an audience which can then become loyal supporters/donors.  A key component of marketing strategy is to make sure that an organization's marketing and communications are aligned with the mission.

What is the "Marketing Mindset?" There is a continuum from the time someone becomes aware of your organization to the moment they make the decision to support the organization with gifts of time and/or money.  The "Marketing Mindset" is not only understanding that continuum but basing your marketing and communication materials on it.

How do we begin to develop a Marketing Mindset? First, we need to learn about your organization.  What are you trying to accomplish?  And how? Where do you want the organization to go?  How are you currently communicating your mission? What's working?  What needs improvement?

Does Just in Time! Communications work with the CEO?  The Staff?  The Board? In order for your organization to successfully move forward, everyone who makes and implements decisions should be part of the  discussion process in the early phases.  Usually, we begin with a conversation with the CEO, and then tailor our services to fit your organization.  

How do we get our Board "on board?" Sometimes the best way to present the "Marketing Mindset" idea to the organizational leadership is through our Marketing Mindset workshop.  The session is 90 minutes long and has proven to be a very effective way to get everyone on the same page.

We have just finished a strategic plan and a feasibility study with a fundraising consultant.  Is it too late to factor in Strategic Marketing No. This is a great time to review all your hard work and create a marketing plan that helps you take your next steps.  After a strategic plan or feasibility study is completed, most fundraising consultants will tell you that it is time to find a graphic designer to help you develop materials to communicate your plan.  But, most graphic designers don't have direct experience with fundraising and often don't understand the important nuances, phrasing and placement of information that makes an impact and moves a reader to action.  Just in Time! understands how all the pieces need to fit together to give you the results you are looking for.

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